A leading edge solution for demand forecasting, that utilizes state-of-the-art machine-learning to create accurate demand forecasts at the touch of a button.

Streamline your demand forecasting process with Prognoser!


Accurate demand forecasts are at the core of making good business decisions. Prognoser automatically forecasts the demand for you. It chooses the right forecasting method. It detects and quantifies trends, seasonality and external factors. It helps you streamline the forecasting process in a timely and non-laborious manner. And it does not require any knowledge of advanced mathematics or statistics by the user.

Key benefits with Prognoser

ROI in months rather than years after implementation
Cloud-based SaaS
Supercharge product availability without inflating inventory
Fine-tune purchasing volume to the latest sales trend and forecast
Easy to implement, learn and use

Key features in Prognoser


  • Automatically generate accurate demand forecasts
  • Quantify complex factors that influences demand
  • Produce the best forecasts for new products
  • Simulate and plan promotional campaigns
  • Automatically detect outliers

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